Clean Environment

Residents have expressed concern to me about garbage – coffee cups, candy bar wrappers, soft drink cans and containers and dog waste left on neighbourhood walkways and sidewalks and in parks and playgrounds.

I want to tackle all of these concerns on behalf of residents. Ensuring our parks and walking trails are clean, green and vibrant is a priority of mine. In particular, as a dog owner myself, I want to ensure we have enough containers for pet owners to dispose of pet waste in a sanitary and environmentally friendly manner.
I want to work with City departments and stakeholders to share some of the best practices found in other jurisdictions that could potentially be adopted by our city. Recent innovations include dog waste receptacles with signage, aerobic composters/digesters and courtesy bags and disposal boxes.

Bike/Cycling Trails

Active trailways and transitioning to active transportation modes is another way to sustain our environment. South Winnipeg is growing. With this growth, we need to ensure that our infrastructure develops to meet the needs of our community.

One of the infrastructure concerns of our community is the safety of our bike paths. It is vital that we ensure our bike paths allow cyclists to travel from south Winnipeg into downtown and throughout the city in a manner which protects both cyclists and motorists on the road.

Work on the City's bike lanes is done in conjunction with road renewal and other major projects. I will work in partnership with city departments to ensure our neighbourhood and connecting streets have more protected bike lanes to encourage more people to cycle.