Clean Environment

Keep it green
Our walking trails are for everyone and their pet to enjoy. While we take pride in being responsible pet owners who pick up after their pets, we must also be stewards of the environment and dispose of plastic waste in receptacles along the path before it becomes everyone’s “pet peeve”. I will work on simple solutions to provide proper collection sites and disposal of “pooch packages”.

Developing and Maintaining Winnipeg's Resiliency

One of the most distinctive and important aspects of our city is our glorious tree canopy. Over the last few years we have come to the realization that it’s facing a grave uncertainty with the invasions of Dutch elm disease (DED) and the emerald ash borer (EAB). Climate change has also had a devastating impact as extreme weather conditions have wreaked havoc on old and young trees alike.

As we are dealing with the infection and removal of many our senior trees, it’s crucial that we work to diversify our canopy with a variety of different species of trees to avoid a similar situation to what we are currently facing with the elms and ashes.

Planting new trees will increase our city's resiliency against climate change. For more information regarding Trees in Winnipeg, or how you can become involved in reducing the effects of climate change visit Trees Winnipeg - click here