Safe Neighborhoods

Feeling safe and secure is essential for healthy neighborhoods. While working hard to secure and maintain the infrastructure necessary for our thriving neighborhoods, I have begun working diligently to ensure we are safe and secure.

This begins with recognizing the potential within the community to foster safety and security. I have begun closely with members of our Police Service to identify current and emerging community safety and well-being issues. Working with the community and police, we are developing innovative strategies to ensure crime does not find a home in our neighborhoods, thereby reducing the stigma of crime City-Wide.

We will work to identify proactive measures that citizens can employ to help create a culture of safety in the St. Norbert - Seine River Ward and throughout the city of Winnipeg. The greatest strength will be in connecting the community through community building and a series of awareness initiatives. A connected community is a safer community.

  • We will have regular community wellness expos involving our first responders and other civic partners. This will aid in building our capacity to contribute to community safety.
  • We will work to development and implement community safety patrol models that will foster a sense of community strength.
  • We will provide opportunities for young people to engage in community well-being by providing exceptional recreational and community building engagements.
  • We will foster opportunities senior to engage the next generation of citizens, sharing experiences and strengthening our community fabric.
  • We will connect our neighborhoods in unconventional ways, leading to a stronger, more vibrant, resilient communities.
    • Utilize technology to build community advisory groups
    • Create youth engagement programs/opportunities
    • Link with other neighborhoods/communities to foster City-Wide collaboration on safety and security measures
  • ​​With everyone playing a part, we will make our community one of the safest in the city, and across our country.  Together, this is possible.