First of all, thank you for your support throughout the last year and electing me to City Hall.  I am confident that as I continue grow as your City Councillor and work towards the interests of this ward, together we can accomplish our collective goals to keep our communities and neighborhoods safe, vibrant and welcoming.

I want to continue hearing from residents across the St. Norbert – Seine River Ward that they want to live in a city where planning and development is done which considers the environment, green-space, active living and sustainable growth.  Additionally, I want to develop a culture where local governance is improved, City Hall is visionary and forward-thinking, and where we have constructive and respectful discourse. 

Our Mayor and City Council must continue on a clear path on how we fund our core city services and have sustainable budgets that balance our growth while not leveraging our future. 

I am dedicated to making sure that City Council’s decisions benefit the residents of St. Norbert - Seine River as well as citizens of Winnipeg in general.  We must work collaboratively and cohesively to building our city now and in the long term environmentally, socially, and economically.

- Markus Chambers
City Councillor/ St. Norbert - Seine River Ward